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Turn Up Thursday, Sponsored By AARP


Join AARP New Orleans for “Turn-Up Thursday” classes with fitness trainer Frederick Griffith. The classes include stretching, flexibility, balance, low-impact aerobics, and strength training to the beat of old-school music.


Frederick Griffith is a New Orleans-based personal trainer with over nine years of experience. “I want everyone to know fitness is not hard. You can do it with simple movements and consistency. We all deserve a chance at being healthy and living the life we deserve. “ For this virtual class, you will need internet access.

Please remember to have water and comfortable clothing that is conducive to movement. Please consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

Turn Up Thursday Reviews

Now listen here, this was my first time joining the class and let me tell you...THE Frederick Griffith (put some respect on his name!) was absolutely phenomenal! His aura is of strength and leadership. I love how he encouraged us and just had a genuine feel-good flow about himself. He explained very thoroughly everything he wanted us to do and everything our bodies needed us to do that we didn't even know about (well me at least lol). THE Frederick Griffith did his thing! He is very patient and wholeheartedly comprehends the logistics of the difference of levels that people are on during their fitness journey. I would have truly appreciated a copy of his workout to engage in everyday. He was just that amazing and my body thanks him. health and beauty is pain.
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