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Frederick Griffith

Founder & CEO

Frederick was born and raised in New Orleans, starting in fitness as a kickboxing instructor. He is a certified ACE Personal Trainer and Health Coach specializing in senior health. Through Anew Fitness, he has built an organization to improve his community through health and fitness. Frederick has become a recognized community leader in senior exercise and senior care. He aims to make Anew Fitness a lasting resource for all seniors everywhere.


Jolanca LaSalle

 Lead Instructor

Born and raised in New Orleans, Jolanca is an ISSA-certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach. She is skilled in showing seniors how functional movements can increase their well-being physically and mentally. Working with seniors at Anew Fitness has ignited a flame that continues to burn, and she brings excitement, expertise, and passion to each fitness class she leads.


Amanda High


Amanda was born and raised in Ohio but moved down to New Orleans 3
years ago to get a taste of a new environment! Fitness has been a part of my life for some time
now. I trained in Crossfit and even Krav Maga self-defense for five years. I have been a lifeguard
for five years and teach some of our water aerobics classes at the pool! I am also Nasm
CPT certified, and I am ready to start training individuals looking to change their lives productively! 


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