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 . . Services for . . . Service Industry. . . . . . . The Standard is intended to develop criteria and recommendations for the management of networks, telecommunications and information systems. This standard is the product of a public-private partnership between the regulatory department and an industry association. Its purpose is to provide industry and the public a single, reliable and consistent method of managing networks, telecommunications and information systems. According to the Standard, management of networks and telecommunications systems is defined as the continuous maintenance of telecommunications information systems and networks and the continuous generation, generation, selection, interpretation and management of the information generated by them. A network management system should also meet the following requirements: * to be applicable to all types of networks, to ensure the independence of the management system from the technical and commercial structure of the network; * to allow the manager of the network to clearly recognize and control the technical characteristics, deployment and use of the infrastructure to be managed; * to provide information to the manager about the network in a uniform and comprehensive manner, by means of data exchange between management systems; * to provide management of telecommunications and information systems to authorized users of the system in a uniform manner, according to authorized procedures; * to provide the manager with reports and data in a manner that is clear and concise; * to ensure the secure management of information about network resources; * to ensure the availability of telecommunications and information systems in the event of a failure; * to be compatible with the requirements for the operation of the network; * to ensure the security of networks, telecommunications and information systems; * to ensure the performance and effectiveness of the management system; * to ensure the integrity of the information system; * to ensure the compliance of the system with applicable legislation. The Standard describes the four components of the management system of networks and telecommunications systems, namely, the management software, the operator of the network, the network management software and the operating methods of the system. The standard addresses different aspects of management of telecommunications and information systems, including the philosophy of management, the type and nature of the information system, the evolution of the network and telecommunications system, network configuration, the status of the operator and the user, among others. Standard NR13 has been developed by a technical committee of the Regulatory Department of the Brazilian Telecommunications Association (CBT) and is based on the European Standard ETSI EN 300 128-1




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