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Frederick Griffith is a New Orleans-based personal trainer with over eight years of experience. My methods are to build a custom plan based on your health, schedule, and, more importantly, fitness goals. Everyone is unique, with their strengths and limitations. We rid those bad habits in your life and create the body you deserve.


Hi, I am Frederick Griffith. I was born and raised in New Orleans and graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in 2005. Months later, hurricane Katrina hit -- devastating the New Orleans area. Losing everything I had ever owned, I kept pushing forward. Living away for a few years and working in the hospitality industry, I discovered my passion for helping others. Working in an unhealthy environment was taking its toll on my weight. At the time, I did not know how to be healthier. I had a gym phobia and lacked motivation, so I got a trainer. It was the best decision. I discovered my love for fitness. From that moment, I invested time in my education -- becoming a certified trainer and health coach. In 2017, missing home, I moved back to New Orleans. Seeing the change inspired me to continue my fitness journey of helping others. But this good feeling would not last long. In 2018, my mom's unhealthy habits caught up with her after years of her unhealthy lifestyle. As a person with diabetes, a cut to her left foot led to a life-changing leg amputation. I had never imagined something like this could hit so close to home. From that moment, my mission in health and fitness shifted. I learned more about chronic illnesses and how lifestyle changes can help. My passion for helping others grew deeper than just being a trainer. I had become a teacher of a healthier lifestyle and a trainer of Functional fitness. I included real-life movements in my workouts. In 2019, I started to train my mom. Over a year, we saw the change; more importantly, she felt the shift. I discovered that my skills are helpful to others who suffer life-changing health issues. I want everyone to know that fitness is not hard. You can do it with simple movements and consistency. We all deserve a chance to be healthy and live the life we deserve. Fitness is my passion. Let me help you.

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